Join some of the greatest minds in physics and cosmology, including 18 Nobel Laureates, for an exploration of awe-inspiring challenges in 21st century science. The symposium is in honor of Charles Townes in his 90th birthday year, the amazing laser, the 100th anniversary of Einstein's "miracle year," and the World Year of Physics.




This meeting is endorsed by APS.

2005 is the United Nations International World Year of Physics


Metanexus Institute | 3624 Market Street | Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19104 | Tel. 215.789.2200 | Fax: 215.789.2222

(FQXi) Foundation Questions in Physics & Cosmology

Photo credits: Background photo: bubble chamber tracks, 1984, photo courtesy of Fermilab Visual Media Services

Upper left photo: Quantum purification multi-photon entanglement experiment, courtesy of Institute for Experimental Physics, University of Vienna

Charles Townes, photo courtesy of Charles Townes

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The Amazing Light Symposium is
organized by Metanexus Institute.
All inquiries should be directed to:
Metanexus Institute
3624 Market St., Suite 301
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Join many great minds, including:
Donald Backer Robert J. Birgeneau
Robert Bishop Nicolaas Bloembergen
Raphael Bousso Nancy Cartwright
Raymond Chiao Steven Chu
Ignacio Cirac Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
Marvin L. Cohen Paul C.W. Davies
Robert C. Dynes Freeman J. Dyson
Gerald Edelman George F.R. Ellis
Gerald Gabrielse Peter L. Galison
Reinhard Genzel Owen Gingerich
Donald Glaser Roy Glauber
David Gross Hans Halvorson
Theodor Hänsch John Heilbron
Michio Kaku Marc Kamionkowski
Wolfgang Ketterle Christof Koch
Adrian Lee Anthony Leggett
Nancey Murphy William Newsome
Douglas Osheroff Arno Penzias
Saul Perlmutter William D. Phillips
Norman Ramsey Mark Richards
Robert J. Russell John Searle
Marjorie D. Shapiro Vaclav Smil
Boris Stoicheff Eleanore Stump
Leonard Susskind Max Tegmark
Patrick Thaddeus Anton Zeilinger
Ahmed Zewail





fq(x) Foundational Questions in Physics & Cosmology