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The Amazing Light Symposium is
organized by Metanexus Institute.
All inquiries should be directed to:
Metanexus Institute
3624 Market St., Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215/789-2200 fax: 215/789-2222

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Web Site Competition

Requirements for the Amazing Light Laser Challenge

  1. Applicants. Application is open to individuals, professional organizations, institutions, and businesses. The type of applicant must be indicated on the application form. A special category has been created for students enrolled in secondary through undergraduate levels. International applicants are encouraged.
  2. Audience. The intended audience for submissions must also be indicated in the application. The selection of target audience is open to all ages and at the discretion of the applicant. In other words, the intended audience of the site might be students, professionals, commercial, or a general audience; the style might vary from didactic to entertaining. A Web site may choose to address a particular audience or a more broad range of audiences. The site will be judged, in part, based on its ability to effectively communicate to its intended audience.
  3. Mission and Content. Each submission must incorporate some aspect of the invention and/or societal impact of lasers. As the criteria of merit indicate, each submission should assume the context of scientific innovation, creativity, and discovery-but the laser should be, in some form or another (technically, historically, societally), the center piece of the submission. The subject is interpreted quite broadly; creativity is essential. Examples of Web site subject matter include detailed explanations of the laser itself, explorations of the invention of the laser, considerations of certain uses of laser technology, lasers as an example of the practicality and importance of scientific exploration and discovery. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather should provide a field of creative interpretation from which Web site concepts may emerge.
  4. New work. This competition is limited to Web sites created after January 1, 2005. Web sites launched before that date are not eligible.
  5. Web sites must be in English.

Technical Specifications

The Amazing Light Laser Challenge Award is a multimedia award, and therefore it stimulates and favors the use of multimedia on applicants' Web sites. That said, entries should very clearly be Web sites; they should communicate information that is navigable by a user. Multimedia elements such as embedded sound, embedded video, dynamic content, and interactive content are encouraged and preferred; however, these elements alone do not constitute a Web site. That is, a webpage that includes an embedded video clip used to illustrate a concept would be acceptable; an entry that was merely a long movie that happened to be viewable in a web browser would not. Similarly, for example, an entry that was entirely a sound recording, or a single picture, would not be accepted.


Metanexus Institute | 3624 Market Street | Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19104 | Tel. 215.789.2200 | Fax: 215.789.2222

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