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The Amazing Light Symposium is
organized by Metanexus Institute.
All inquiries should be directed to:
Metanexus Institute
3624 Market St., Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215/789-2200 fax: 215/789-2222

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Young Scholars Competition

This is an open global "Young Scholars Competition" for science investigators under the age of 40, determined by their age on October 7, 2005. Eighteen finalists will be selected through this worldwide competition to participate in Amazing Light: Visions for Discovery, a symposium and book project celebrating the career of Charles Hard Townes to be held on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley from Thursday evening, October 6 through Saturday evening, October 8, 2005 (see for further information). The finalists will be invited to the symposium at UC Berkeley, all expenses paid, to participate in special sessions on Friday morning, October 7. Substantial prizes will be awarded to the winners for excellence in conceptualizing and presenting dynamic, innovative, and visionary approaches in physics, cosmology, and related fields.

Amazing Light: Visions for Discovery is focused on exploring and advancing the future of innovative research in physics. The major themes for the three-day symposium were inspired by and derived from Professor Townes' ideas and questions. Special emphasis is focused on possibilities for investigating new, deep discoveries about the nature of reality, as well as for developing powerful new tools to assist in advancing this great adventure of scientific and technological creativity. In particular, the program will focus on the challenge of producing powerful new technologies that—like the laser for which Charles Townes won the Nobel Prize*—may generate opportunities to open up whole new domains of advancement in experimental physics.

Eighteen finalists will be invited to the symposium to present short research papers at the finalist session on October 7. The 18 talks will be scheduled in 25-minute slots (15 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A) in three parallel sections (six talks per section), according to the three topical areas described below. Space for displaying posters will be provided throughout the symposium. Attendees will include distinguished research leaders from around the world whose work is focused on the challenges of exploring the deep structure of reality and the technological potentialities for investigating nature in the coming decades. The program will cover all travel, lodging, registration, and dining expenses for the 18 finalists.

Please send all applications and queries to .



Metanexus Institute | 3624 Market Street | Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19104 | Tel. 215.789.2200 | Fax: 215.789.2222

fq(x) Foundation Questions in Physics & Cosmology


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